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    A class party can reinforce positive behavior in the classroom, so to take a moment away from academics and celebrate their hard work and achievement.

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    Planning a party is no simple task. The same can be said for teachers planning a party for students within their classroom. Have no fear though!

    We’re going to run through some simple and affordable solutions to celebrate the successes of your students in style. A class party can reinforce positive behavior in the classroom. One of the best ways to reward students is to take a moment away from academics and celebrate their hard work and achievement. 

    That is where the class party comes into play! 

    Oftentimes amidst the rigor, standardized testing, and lesson plans, we as teachers can forget that school should ultimately be fun in order to help our students become eager to return and learn. 

    This is where the class party can pay dividends! 

    Class Party Ideas Your Students Deserve

    1. Arts and Crafts Party

    The Arts and Crafts Party is a great idea for students who enjoy working with their hands to create a product they can take home with them to share with their parents.

    Whether you’re making artwork to hang on the walls, clay models, or just fun sketches, arts and crafts are a quick and easy way to reach a variety of students.

    Break out the finger paints and glitter, it’s time to have some fun!

    2. Movie and Popcorn Party

    Bonus points if you can find a unique and engaging movie that is also relevant to the subject matter that you teach. With the development of various streaming services, it’s easy to access multiple libraries of films in order to engage your students.

    For a fun addition, make some popcorn to give your students the theater experience right in their classroom.

    3. Outdoor Party

    As the weather turns warmer in the Spring months, there is nothing better than to bring your class outside to celebrate. 

    Sidewalk chalk, bubbles, hula hoops, frisbees, basketballs, and more lead to endless options for students to have a good time. 

    There’s something to be said for getting a chance to interact with students in an outdoor setting that isn’t technically academically related. 

    It’s a great opportunity to build and foster a positive rapport with your students.

    4. Tie-Dye Party

    The Tie-Dye Party is one that I specifically remember as a student. It was an absolute blast. 

    Utilizing a variety of affordable tie-dye paints from your local craft store, have students bring in a blank shirt to create a fun artifact from their time in your class. 

    Not only does it utilize some problem-solving when it comes to tying rubber bands around the shirt in preparation for the tie-dye, but it also leaves them with a tangible item to remember their time in your class. 

    5. Pizza Party

    In an age where treats aren’t as popular in the classroom, this is one that still stands the test of time. 

    Before going any further though, be sure to double-check allergies and see what accommodations can be made for students who aren’t able to have dairy. Once that is taken care of, order up some pizzas and bring them in at lunch to celebrate a job well done on a recent assessment or project. 

    Students will be excited to get a chance to eat lunch with their teacher and cherish the moment in time.

    6. Pajama Party

    The Pajama Party is a great way to have students sit back, relax, and read a good book! If the class is working towards a reading goal or upcoming book project, make it a little more unique by allowing students to dress up in their pajamas during the school day. 

    This will give it a more cozy and comfy feeling in the classroom for some silent reading time. You can even take it a step further by bringing in some comfy furniture for the floor to make it a unique experience.

    7. Karaoke Party

    Thanks to YouTube it is extremely easy to find both music and the lyrics to words in an instant. If your students are of the musical variety and have worked hard on a recent task, let them have some fun by singing Karaoke. 

    The setup is extremely simple so long as you have an internet connection and device that can reach YouTube. Students can search up any song they’d like to sing (make sure it’s appropriate!) and get to it. 

    Feel free to join in on the fun and belt out your favorite tunes as well!

    8. Digital Escape Room Party

    Escape Rooms have been all the rage over the past decade. Why not bring that into the classroom? 

    These can be made very simply utilizing some very user-friendly apps. Create your tasks on Google Slides or PowerPoint and utilize Google Forms for your “digital locks.” 

    The first group of students to work through the clues you provide can win a prize of their choosing. 

    9. Board Game Party

    Who doesn’t love the occasional board game? Have your students enjoy this “throwback” style party by bringing in a variety of board games for them to team up and play. 

    10. Minute to Win It Party

    Minute to Win It games are simple games that you can set up with ease to have an entertaining time with students. 

    These games range from wrapping a student in toilet paper as a mummy to “Face the Cookie” where students have to use only their face muscles to try and get a cookie on their forehead into their mouth. 

    Complete a simple online search for “Minute to Win It” games and you’ll find hundreds of engaging and fun activities to try out with your students.

    How Do We Want to Celebrate?

    Parties in school are great ways to reward students for their hard work and dedication to their academics in school. School is first and foremost a place for students to expand their knowledge and learn from their teachers. 

    However, we as teachers cannot forget that rewarding students for their hard work are a must. Having a class party is a simple and effective way to show your students that you want to reward them for the time and energy they put into their classwork. 

    The ten examples above are just a small variety of what can be utilized within the classroom setting during the school day. 

    Our students work hard to complete their assessments, projects, and tasks, so why not let them have a little fun and enjoy a party?

    Not into parties as rewards? You can also build your own PBIS Store.

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