Mount Litera Zee School, Raghunathpur, Bhubaneswar
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Message from Chairman & Principal

Madhusmita Jena, Chairperson MLZS

We think a youngster is no less capable than an adult and can even do things that are thought to be impossible. We support the development of our kids into leaders who will excel and work diligently while bringing vibrant colours to the world. A child is like a lump of soggy clay that can be altered as we see fit. Making our students superior to the current crop is the decision that makes a difference. We are persistently pursuing this admirable goal, and we have faith that we will succeed in our goal.

Priyadarshini Sarangi, Principal

To translate a seed into a plant, and a bud into a full-blown flower, we pour a lot of effort and care into our garden. Life’s garden is no exception. As human beings, we are all unique in this creation as there is no replica. We possess unique abilities. To celebrate life with full-blown potential, a lot of effort and tender care are required to unleash these unique potentials. We facilitate and indulge in this endeavour and partner with parents to create and maintain an opportunity for the tiny tots to celebrate life. We are striving to be witnesses to the Midas touch.