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    Honoring Dr. Ambedkar: A Celebration at Mount Litera Zee School, Raghunathapur

    Dr. Ambedkar Jayanti is commemorated at Mount Litera Zee School, Raghunathpur, Bhubaneswar, with great reverence and enthusiasm. The celebration begins with an assembly highlighting the life and contributions of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar towards social justice and equality.

    Students participate in various activities like speeches, debates, and essay writing competitions centered around Dr. Ambedkar’s teachings and principles. Cultural programs, including dances and skits, are performed to honor his legacy and promote his ideals of inclusivity and empowerment.

    Special lectures and seminars are organized to educate students about the significance of Dr. Ambedkar’s work in shaping modern India. The celebration also includes community service activities and initiatives to promote social harmony and equality, reflecting Dr. Ambedkar’s vision for a just society.

    The celebration concludes with a pledge-taking ceremony where students vow to uphold the values and principles championed by Dr. Ambedkar, ensuring his legacy lives on.

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