Mount Litera Zee School, Raghunathpur, Bhubaneswar
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    Our Facilities
    What Is Special About Mount Litera Zee School, BBSR?
    • Modern classrooms with plenty of space and good lighting that use IWBs and cutting-edge instructional software.
    • to instil in Indians a sense of global awareness and a strong commitment to our moral principles and ethical standards.
    • campus that is environmentally friendly.
    • Faculty that have undergone a minimum of 60 hours of training annually.
    • Program for Total Health
    • Every sport and extracurricular activity is designed to support a student’s overall development.
    • A really creative toy library for youngsters in kindergarten and early primary..


    The school’s highly dedicated and qualified faculty always attempts to make learning enjoyable for kids and works to maximise the potential of every student. The interactions between each instructor and the pupils go beyond the typical pastoral and parental concerns of the facilitator. The teachers at Zee School want to exemplary ways to bring back the passion of learning. Through several internal training programmes and expert-led workshops, the teachers continuously improve their professional abilities. The students at Zee School set out on their journey to become moral adults under the direction of these gifted professors.


    A large play field and a separate space just for kindergarteners are both available at the school. Numerous indoor and outdoor game facilities are available, including those for chess, carrom, volley ball, and other intellectually challenging games.

    Students will have the opportunity to showcase their prowess in several sporting events during the annual Sports Day. As part of the vacation plans, there will also be summer camps, adventure trips, and trekking.

    Transport Facility
    • Every kid who rides a school bus is required to arrive at their bus stops at least five minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive.
    • Buses won’t hold for the tardy passengers.
    • No student should approach the bus’ entrance until it has come to a complete stop.
    • Only at the locations that have been specifically designated for them can students board and disembark their buses.
    • Inside the bus, it is completely forbidden to engage in disruptive behaviour, aggressiveness, yelling, shouting, or any other unruly behaviour.
    • In the bus, personal grooming is not allowed.
    • If there is a problem with the bus driver or conductor, the parent must meet with the transport manager in person or write a written statement outlining their concerns.
    • For changes to a bus stop or route, the school office must provide written authorization.
    • It is definitely forbidden for any parent or guardian to board the bus.
    • The school administration will take harsh disciplinary action against students who damage or deface any portion of the school vehicle.