Mount Litera Zee School, Raghunathpur, Bhubaneswar
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The Mount Litera Zee School in Bhubaneswar is a part of the Zee Learn Limited-run K12 Pan India chain of Mount Litera Zee Schools. The Mount Litera Zee School network has won numerous awards for outstanding accomplishments in the education field. With MLZS, students from large and small cities can learn together at the same time and speed, bridging the gap between them. MLZS is present throughout all of India. The Mount Litera Zee School in Bhubaneswar has state-of-the-art facilities and the newest technology for the children’ overall development. Security is of the utmost concern, and the Mount Litera Zee School in Bhubaneswar uses the child safety initiative I-Care.The co-curricular programmes FLIP and DCP allow pupils to explore their entrepreneurial talents and teach kids how to be cyber-smart and deal with technology issues. Both of these services track the development and awareness of the kids and are ongoing.

Mount Litera Zee School aspires to fresh learning experiences and new talent explorations free from the limitations of rote learning, where comprehension and clarity rule the day and mindless cramming is a thing of the past. Our kids learn in “smart” classrooms where technology and content are combined for application and memory. Through a variety of clubs, students can develop their socio-emotional abilities, and a wealth of personality-building activities make learning enjoyable. We think that serving children is the most self-rewarding activity there is. A bold effort to empower children as the BUILDERS OF HUMANITY was made when the Mount Litera Zee School in Bhubaneswar was established in 2014. The school seeks to foster each student’s individual potential and provide for their overall development.

why MLZS ?

MLZS is a part of Zee Learn Ltd., one of the top educational institutions in India, which is supported by the strength of the Essel group and the powerful brand Zee Network. The availability of Kidzee preschools nearby that serve as a feeder for MLZS enrollments is one of the main factors contributing to the success of MLZS schools. With more than 130 schools spread across India, MLZS is currently one of the fastest expanding school networks in the nation. The best-in-class child-centric learning system, termed Litera Octave, has been developed by MLZS with years of dedicated research by its Child Development Experts, and it helps students achieve better practical results in school.

The Essel Group’s Mount Litera Zee School is an initiative under the direction of Shri Subhash Chandra to develop leaders for the twenty-first century through its educational division, Zee Learn Limited. Since 1994, Zee Learn Limited has been at the forefront of innovation in Indian education. With the ZED TV, Zed Career Academies, Kidzee Pre-schools, Mount Litera Zee School, and Zee Institutes of Media Art and Creative Art, we made a number of firsts in the nation. The development of one’s sense of self and worldview during the school years is confirmed by studies on human development and brain science.. It was essential that we implement educational innovations if we were to realise our aim of enhancing human capital in India. Our effort in that direction has been Mount Litera Zee School (MLZS).

Our mission

To cultivate world citizens on Indian soil: To do this, the school will provide every student with access to top-notch facilities and a cutting-edge curriculum that encourages a child's holistic development while instilling traditional values.

Our Principles

What's Right for the Child is our guiding idea in everything we do at Mount Litera Zee School (WRFC). We filter all of our decisions and deeds via that phrase. The WRFC provides unwavering attention to the child's growth and development and assists us in keeping the child at the centre of everything we do.

The children are distinct persons, not just a collection of numbers.

Each kid has a different brain network that influences how she takes in and reacts to things. Every student responds to instruction differently. Instead than forcing kids to learn the way we teach, we need to educate them how they learn best.

Each child’s brain network is different, which affects how she processes information and reacts to stimuli. Not all students respond well to a certain teaching strategy. Instead than making kids learn the way we want them to, we need to teach them how to learn.

Each youngster is gifted. The talent is there; schools just need to identify it.

The purpose of a school is to help students grow as full people, not only to finish the curriculum.

A school is not a production line for textbooks and tests. Schools support young people in finding purpose in life and growing into capable adults. As a result, education must go beyond the classroom to include teaching students values, morals, and habits.

For children to experience a seamless learning environment between school and home, schools need to enrol and educate parents.

Partnership between parents and schools is essential for holistic development.

Our Facilities
What Is Special About Mount Litera Zee School, BBSR?
  • Modern classrooms with plenty of space and good lighting that use IWBs and cutting-edge instructional software.
  • to instil in Indians a sense of global awareness and a strong commitment to our moral principles and ethical standards.
  • campus that is environmentally friendly.
  • Faculty that have undergone a minimum of 60 hours of training annually.
  • Program for Total Health
  • Every sport and extracurricular activity is designed to support a student’s overall development.
  • A really creative toy library for youngsters in kindergarten and early primary..


The school’s highly dedicated and qualified faculty always attempts to make learning enjoyable for kids and works to maximise the potential of every student. The interactions between each instructor and the pupils go beyond the typical pastoral and parental concerns of the facilitator. The teachers at Zee School want to exemplary ways to bring back the passion of learning. Through several internal training programmes and expert-led workshops, the teachers continuously improve their professional abilities. The students at Zee School set out on their journey to become moral adults under the direction of these gifted professors.


A large play field and a separate space just for kindergarteners are both available at the school. Numerous indoor and outdoor game facilities are available, including those for chess, carrom, volley ball, and other intellectually challenging games.

Students will have the opportunity to showcase their prowess in several sporting events during the annual Sports Day. As part of the vacation plans, there will also be summer camps, adventure trips, and trekking.

Transport Facility
  • Every kid who rides a school bus is required to arrive at their bus stops at least five minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive.
  • Buses won’t hold for the tardy passengers.
  • No student should approach the bus’ entrance until it has come to a complete stop.
  • Only at the locations that have been specifically designated for them can students board and disembark their buses.
  • Inside the bus, it is completely forbidden to engage in disruptive behaviour, aggressiveness, yelling, shouting, or any other unruly behaviour.
  • In the bus, personal grooming is not allowed.
  • If there is a problem with the bus driver or conductor, the parent must meet with the transport manager in person or write a written statement outlining their concerns.
  • For changes to a bus stop or route, the school office must provide written authorization.
  • It is definitely forbidden for any parent or guardian to board the bus.
  • The school administration will take harsh disciplinary action against students who damage or deface any portion of the school vehicle.
Messages from Chairman & Principal
Madhusmita Jena, Chairperson MLZS

We think a youngster is no less capable than an adult and can even do things that are thought to be impossible. We support the development of our kids into leaders who will excel and work diligently while bringing vibrant colours to the world. A child is like a lump of soggy clay that can be altered as we see fit. Making our students superior to the current crop is the decision that makes a difference. We are persistently pursuing this admirable goal, and we have faith that we will succeed in our goal.

Priyadarshini Sarangi , Principal

To translate a seed into a plant, and a bud into a full-blown flower, we pour a lot of effort and care into our garden. Life’s garden is no exception. As human beings, we are all unique in this creation as there is no replica. We possess unique abilities. To celebrate life with full-blown potential, a lot of effort and tender care are required to unleash these unique potentials. We facilitate and indulge in this endeavor and partner with parents to create and maintain an opportunity for the tiny tots to celebrate life. We are striving to be witnesses to the Midas touch.